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Postcards from Skyrim

JZhirr and Brynjolf

Dear Mother,

Brynjolf happily welcomes J’Zhirr to the family. He says that J’Zhirr will get his cut of the spoils as long as he do as he was told and keeps his blade clean. The Thieves Guild cannot turn a profit by killing. He gives J’Zhirr the name of two people in the Guild who can provide J’Zhirr with extra jobs. This one should also speak to someone called Tonilia for a set of new armor.

J’Zhirr asks Brynjolf for more details about about the Goldenglow job.

Brynjolf explains that the Goldenglow Estate is a bee farm owned by a wood elf called Aringoth. Goldenglow Estate used to be the Thieves Guild’s sweetest deal and it was the Thieves Guild’s job to make sure that the honey kept flowing to Maven Black-Briar. In other words, the Thieves Guild make sure that the collection of honey goes smoothly and that Maven…

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