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Not Without My Bowler Hat

The next day, we continued our Patrick McGoohan/Edward I tour with a visit to Caernarfon Castle, one of the Iron Ring castles. Construction started in 1283 on the fortress and it was a ready symbol of England’s dominance over Wales. His son, Edward II, was born in the castle in 1284, making him the first Prince of Wales.

Edward I paid some homage to the Welsh’s respect of the Romans. The fortress was built near the former location of a Roman fort. There are several towers but the most impressive is the Eagle Tower with stone owl statues, another nod to the Romans. The fortress is built on the water of the Menai Strait so you get a beautiful view of the water. I think this was where the investiture of Prince Charles took place in 1989.

There is not a lot of exhibitions to see within the castle itself. There were…

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