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Not Without My Bowler Hat

In September, we went on a trip of Northern Wales. To quell the Welsh, Edward I built a series of castles in Northern Wales, known as the Iron Ring. The focus of the trip was going to be Caernarfon Castle, one of the biggest. The other special stop was Portmeirion, the strange coastal town where the 1960s show The Prisoner was filmed. Everything else was bonus in between. We called it our Edward I tour since we saw several castles of his Iron Ring and Patrick McGoohan, the man who plays the Prisoner, would go on to play Edward I in Braveheart.

On our Edward I/Patrick McGoohan tour, we first went to Portmeirion. It’s a strange place built by an eccentric Englishman, named Clough William-Ellis who decided to save buildings from all over the building and put them in his town. He scoured the world in the 1920s. So…

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