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Caterham Seven 160 SB The Lotus Seven was Colin Chapman’s first road car, built to in 1957 to finance his racing ambitions. Fifteen years later, it was born again as a  Caterham  and has been steadily developed ever since to give blistering performance. The new entry-level Seven 160  weighs just 490kg, about one third of the weight of your average Ferrari, so even with its buzzy little 80BHP three cylinder engine, it gives a razor-sharp drive and can sprint to 60mph (100km/h) in just 6.5 seconds.

“We have remained steadfastly true to Chapman’s original philosophy of building a car that is ‘fit for purpose’ and then “adding lightness”. We build cars that are lighter, so that they go faster, to take you further”, says David Ridley, Caterham’s Chief Commercial Officer. Brilliantly responsive on the road, the driver becomes part of the machine; it’s the wonderful connectedness that makes the 160 such in a pleasure – the…

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